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Global innovation projects

By partnering with our global program you will not only be provided with valuable field research results and a final prototype/ proof of concept from one region, students from 2 different regions provide valuable insights. Additionally, we provide you with comprehensive training program for your employees to ensure a sustainable implementation in your organization. Working closely together with uncountable partners gaining experience in more than 180 projects over the past years we are specialized to offer customized trainings and workshop for companies and teams. We believe that a tailor-made approach works best for every company: by looking together at your needs and wishes we provide the basis for your training. Get in touch with the SUGAR Network today to discuss possibilities to work together and make innovation happen.

Largest corporate academic community on design thinking

Since over 10 years the SUGAR Network has constantly grown in terms of universities and therefore in numbers of involved corporate partner. Global players, as well as hidden champions, small to middle SME's and NGO's have all been involved so far with the SUGAR Network. The corporate partner get to meet other corporate partners often at the SUGAR and SUGAR+ events to extend their network to other corporate innovators.

Field market research

One of the integral parts of the human centered approach, taught in this academic course, is the interviewing and testing of the target end users. In this extensive course, the students gain insights on the matter through their high level of asking questions and their findings in geographies that are often difficult for our corporate partner to reach. The students then analyse the findings and adapt it to the next iterated prototype for new testing. The corporate partner receives all findings in a compact, well prepared format, additional to the many prototypes that are developed over the 9 months.

Talent scouting

Our master students are about to graduate and receive a full training on design thinking throughout the 9 months. Often our students continue the implementation of the project either at the corporate partner or start successful startups from their initial prototype. Below you can see some examples.

SUGAR Onboarding of universities

Interested universities will be onboarded by experienced universities. Due to long-term experience in managing the course we got specialized in onboarding new universities by providing specific knowledge and academic and organizational support throughout the full course from long standing network member universities. Contact us today, if you are interested in finding out more about the SUGAR Network and how you can be part!

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