Over the course of project, the students get to showcase the world their progress, ideas, concepts and prototypes. These events can either take the form of a presentation, a booth or as an intensive work week.

Upcoming Events

SUGAR Events strive to link different stakeholders for an open interaction, providing a rich and diverse perspective to the projects, making them more tangible. Keep an eye on what is happening and help us putting the human into human-centered design! Click on the event tile to find out more about the next SUGAR Event!

Want to meet us and see how we work? Keep an eye on what's coming next!

SUGAR Events

There are 2 types of events:

Global Kickoff

This is the only close event for the community. The main goal it’s to synchronize energies and gain momentum in the beginning. Corporate sponsors and global teams get to meet and bond for the first time.


Open to the general public, this event is meant to showcase the final solutions students developed as a big celebration.

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SUGAR+ Events

SUGAR+ events showcase the progress of the teams throughout the year, locally. These presentations are an opportunity for the students to synthesize and communicate their work in a clear and concise way to the outside audience, preparing them for the final presentations.

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