What is SUGAR?

SUGAR is a global network that brings together students, universities and companies for the future of innovation through a new learning experience. SUGAR network facilitates human-centered design to young minds.

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Spotlight Projects

A project conducted in the SUGAR Network officially lasts nine months and results in a high-fidelity prototype. After the final concept is handed over to the corporate sponsor, it has the possibility of being implemented in the market and students can even have the opportunity of being integrated inside the company. Check out previously conducted projects and explore the outcome and value of design thinking driven innovation.

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The Network

Leading universities from all over the world are part of the SUGAR Network. They enable students to form inter-cultural, multidisciplinary teams and work together on exciting design challenges provided by corporate partners. Established in 2008, the SUGAR Network is growing and is currently supported by a strong community of 24 universities.

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In addition to propelling innovation projects, the SUGAR network embraces its roots in academia by conducting research in Design Thinking and creativity. Bringing together a selection of leading universities from around the world, research in the SUGAR network covers a wide array of topics from teaching Design Thinking to applications to specific domains. Moreover, research on methodical advances such as extensions and innovative tools serves towards continuously improving Design Thinking.

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