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SUGAR is a global network bringing together our corporate partners with students from 24 universities representing 4 continents. In this cross-international setting, students get acquainted with human-centered design tools in an environment of cross-disciplinary practice-based learning for the duration of one academic year. The global student teams prototype, test, and iterate in order to develop and implement innovative solutions to real design challenges posed by multinational corporate sponsors. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and education by hosting global events to provide these students and corporate sponsors the ideal atmosphere for this exchange to happen.

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Our 9 months academic program

We offer a human centered design approach to help solve wicked problems for companies that aim for disruptive innovation. Multinational leading companies working together with an interdisciplinary team of master students from global top business, design, and engineering universities partnering with each other from around the globe to tackle innovation. We have a backpack full of experience: More than 10 years and over 180 projects with companies in many different sectors. We are not just solving the most wicked problems, we also providing access to the biggest academic network in design thinking.

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SUGAR Events

SUGAR Events strive to link different stakeholders for an open interaction, providing a rich and diverse perspective to the projects, while making them more tangible. To synchronise energies and gain momentum for the students and their corporate partner there is the Global Kick Off held at one of our partner universities at the beginning of the 9-months journey. This is in the end of October. While in June, which is the end of the SUGAR year, all the project teams come back together for a global showcase of the finalised prototypes or proof of concepts. Keep an eye on what is happening and help us putting the human into human-centered design! Click on the event tile to find out more about the next SUGAR Event!

SUGAR+ Events

Additional, each university organizes milestone presentations (fall & winter) to provide opportunities for feedback and discussions. Every 3 months after the Global Kick Off locally the SUGAR programs invite their current corporate partner to join the presentation of their teams.

SUGAR Expo 23 at SAP, Palo Alto

11 international, interdisciplinary student teams pitch & present the results of 9 intense months. Be part of this special event & celebrate with us. Registration is for free

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Due to being multidisciplinary across different rubrics, we are able to not only provide excellent training and education on design thinking for students. With our more than 10 years of experience, we also enable access for the corporate partner to field research results, a platform for talent scouting and an opportunity for professional employee education development in design thinking. We are able to provide excellent trainings and workshops on design thinking. Besides, we are designing and providing innovation spaces. Working with us means a unique access to the largest corporate academic community on design thinking. Contact us today!

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