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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ)

Cali, Colombia

Student background: Design, Business, Engineering (CS, electronic, industrial, civil)
Member since: 2007

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ) in Cali, established in 1970 works closely with and within the regional context: the southwest of Colombia and in the Cauca Valley in particular. During these 40 years of existence it has been working in teaching, research, and services.

PUJ is a catholic university, founded and under the direction of the Society of Jesus, with an open mind to all persuasions of scientific and technological thought and development and guided by the Jesuit educational tradition, contributes with its research, teaching and services to:
Integral formation of each student seeking human and academic excellence, professional competence and social responsibility.
Sustainable development of the region and the country with a global perspective.
In order to achieve social justice, solidarity and peaceful coexistence.

PUJ has a total of 5.500+ students in 18 undergraduate programs and 1.000+ students in 21 post-graduate programs.

ME310 has been running at PUJ for 7 years now. PUJ offers ME310 SUGAR Program for its best engineers (computer science, electronic, industrial, civil), designers and business students of 5th year.

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