Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali

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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali
Cali, Colombia
Teaching Engineering, Design
Member since 2007

Santiago de Cali, Colombia's second largest city, has witnessed 477 years of history. Considered world capital of salsa music genre and Latin America capital of sports. Its warm and friendly people, who receive visitors with great affection and simplicity, became the greatest attraction of this cosmopolitan city, of national and international image. Cali is a business city, whose infrastructure offers all the facilities for business meetings, accommodation, shopping, food and entertainment. Finally, it is also in a very strategic position, being just a few miles away to Colombia’s biggest industrial complex, and couple of hours away from Buenaventura Sea Port.

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana is located south of Cali in the beautiful area of Pance. It is an institution run by the Company of Jesus, with more than 40 years in Cali. The university has 35 research groups attached to Colciencias, National Research Department, and more than 9,000 students. It also has a entrepreneurship center and several international agreements, thus offering tools to their students to develop entrepreneurial skills and a global approach to their working life. Engineering careers are accredited internationally by ABET.

ME310 Global Design Innovation Course is an multidisciplinary and global course for students from PUJ Engineering, Design and Business schools to develop and implement innovative solutions for real companies. During one academic year, the course teaches students how to use the Design Thinking methodology in product and services development, and is concentrated in practice-based learning. The global student teams prototype, test and iterate in order to develop and implement innovative solutions to real world design challenges posed by multinational corporate sponsors. The final proof-of-concept prototypes are featured at the Sugar EXPO each June in California.

Spotlight Projects

Throughout +30 projects, PUJ students have had the opportunity to tackle different design challenges. Among these the most notable is Embrace, the smart backpack for urban travelers in collaboration with Stanford University and Swinburne University for Totto, which is currently on the market due to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Another remarkable project is the one carried out in a mixed way between PUJ students and employees of the Coomeva company where Incom was developed. It consists of a Crowdlending platform that allows users of a community to connect with each other, invest and carry out their projects.

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