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Design Factory Melbourne (DFM)

Melbourne, Australia

Student background: Design, Business, Health and Engineering
Member since: 2013

Swinburne University of Technology has total of 20,000+ students from a broad range of disciplines.

In November 2011, Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) was established as part of the Design Factory Global Network, bringing to Swinburne a platform supporting a culture for interdisciplinary innovation, driven by hands-on learning and research. Positioned as a pillar of the Swinburne Innovation Precinct, DFM has a strong focus on driving innovation and industry impact. As part of the School of Design, DFM attracts students from disciplines such as industrial design, interior architecture, and digital design, as well as across all faculties of the university.

DFM operates at the intersection of university and industry, uniting students, academics, industry, researchers and community. On every project we bring together an interdisciplinary team from across our network to lend their knowledge, skills and insights to diverse innovation challenges.

Co-creation is fundamental to our practice: it influences how we work and think; it enables us to facilitate innovation through understanding different opinions and points of view.

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