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Aalto University (Aalto)

Espoo, Finland

Student background: Design, Business and Engineering
Member since: 2005

ME310 SUGAR is the most advanced course in product development studies in our graduate (master-level) curriculum. Aalto University is one of the few institutions in the global SUGAR-network that can guarantee truly multidisciplinary and multicultural teams for their corporate projects.

We believe, and our preliminary research results suggest that multidisciplinary and multicultural teams clearly outperform more homogenous groups in innovativeness and execution effectiveness in product development projects. Thus, teams with Aalto students have consistently delivered strong project results and have garnered a solid reputation at our partner universities and at Stanford in particular.

ME310 has been running at Aalto for nine years now and we have truly a strong 310-alumni community supporting the course. The Alumni network has proven to be advantageous in forming even stronger relationships with product development professionals and entrepreneurs around the globe.

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