HIVE (2018/19)
Creative collaboration and team building at your fingertips.
HIVE is a multimedia platform for in-office team development which provides teams with longer lasting and valuable team building experiences by enabling people in both individual and group settings to engage in creative thinking, problem-solving, and ideation in a safe and productive space.


In a world which is continuously adapting and changing, it is essential for all businesses to build and retain teams that can grow and adapt to any situation. For teams to be successful at this, it is imperative that they can act as a single unit. To achieve this, companies are increasingly outsourcing team building and development to companies such as Orangeworks, the sponsor, and as a result, team building and team development is an expanding industry in today’s corporate environment.

Orangeworks have identified a gap in the market for a new approach to team building and hope to place themselves in prime position to take advantage of this gap by asking the team to answer the following design brief: “How might we redefine the corporate team building experience for 2020?”

Team Orangeworks

Brazilian and Irish Students in Brazil

HIVE table with its moveable pieces.


HIVE is a platform for in-office team development, providing teams with longer lasting and valuable team building experiences, in comparison to generic, out of office team building or forced office fun.

HIVE is the office focal point designed to encourage colleagues to engage in conversation over stimulating and challenging and activities.

Our solution brings all the best features of traditional team building events into the office space, which allows for the ongoing practice of team development in a passive, non-intrusive and enjoyable manner, which over time will result in a myriad of long-lasting and positive effects.

HIVE is a hub for ideation, collaboration and fun in the workplace.


HIVE brings team development to the office.

Full day activities can be reduced to 10 to 20-minute sessions, reducing the cost of implementing multiple large-scale team building solutions. This saves time for employees and improves the company’s productivity and efficiency.

In turn it helps to promote an office culture where people are encouraged to take quick breaks to clear their minds and improve their work on a day to day basis.

Inner frame of one of the design iterations.

Student Team

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