ANA tomo (2017/18)
A travel companion in the palm of your hand.
For elderly passengers, a new and friendly way to navigate through the airport process.


ANA is Japan’s biggest airline. Having a large pool of businessmen customers, ANA readily seeks to adjust to Japan’s upcoming demographic circumstances: the aging society. Ultimately aiming at an inclusive travel experience which benefits all passengers, ANA would like to appeal to senior travelers. It has one more special motivation: cherishing the retired businessmen who accompanied ANA throughout their careers.

Final Prototype
Screen Details


We designed ANA tomo, your best travel companion. ANA tomo is a portable connected object designed with the active retiree in mind. Encompassing one’s flight data and current location, it serves ANA elder passengers with live navigation to their boarding gate at the airport. ANA tomo also gives passengers relevant, informative cues, ensuring ANA is by its customers’ side throughout their journey. Personalized, accessible and up-to-date, ANA tomo is a credible friend.


ANA tomo’s arrow-based interface introduces a new way to navigate indoors. Easily understood by all passengers, it allows them to enjoy their time at the airport while approaching their gate on their own phase. Passengers at the airport need to look for their personal, updated information in multiple scattered sources, under a pressuring time limit. This is especially difficult for elderly travelers, who often experience cognitive difficulties. With ANA tomo’s personal airport-process timeline and custom notifications, their personal, updated information is made easily accessible and such stress is reduced.

For ANA, equipping passengers with location based devices mean that they can find them if in case they are lost, speeding up the boarding process. Currently the device is being designed for the duration of one's stay in the airport, but future expansions can include the duration of the flight and even the duration of one's travel. ANA tomo can easily become the future air ticket.

Solution in context

Student Team

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