INTEMPOREL (2013/14)
The bathroom that cares
A bathroom experience designed for the elderly to allow for more autonomy in their homes.


Given a growing aging population, design a bathroom experience for the elderly that provides a nice, comfortable and safe environment for those activities in the bathroom and avoids stigmatizing the elderly.


Intemporel is a basin unit that brings a whole new level of comfort to the bathroom while integrating all the functions needed in the daily routine. Adapted to the elderly, Intemporel meets the needs of all.


Reinventing the bathroom experience for the elderly is not only answering to age-related problems and disabilities, but recreating a functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for people of all ages. Intemporel, first created for the elderly, can meet the needs of everyone.

The unit is sold in Lapeyre stores since 2015.

Student Team

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