Airport 2040 (2010/11)
Fast, Smart, Intuitive
Airport 2040 is a new vision to completely reinvent the air travel experience. Instead of complicated layouts and long queues, it offers a modular structure and integrated processes centered around a unique personal shuttle system.


Airports are among the largest and most complex systems in modern society. They are an assemblage of people, processes, technology, government agencies, private companies, vehicles and information. Airport design has often been driven and concerned with flow optimization and resources allocation, at the expense of the passenger comfort and convenience. Besides, the impact of rules and regulations on the economic sustainability of air transport as well as the effects of local optimization conducted by airlines, airports, etc. have demonstrated the need for an approach that goes beyond single stakeholder positions. It has to focus on being friendly to the passenger, while remaining sustainable and addressing all types of user groups. The challenge towards 2040 is to make sure that this new airport vision becomes a shared objective for all stakeholders, meaning that it should be economically viable, technically feasible, while still humanly desirable.


For passengers SkyGates are the connectors between airplane and PAS. The structure and layout of these modular buildings can vary between different airlines and plane types.


The team of eight students developed an airport concept, which combines all of the major processes in airports like passenger transportation, authentication, immigration and baggage handling, creating an airport layout for the future. Since all different kinds of people travel, the students focused very much on a smart and pleasant transportation system throughout the whole airport. Personal airport shuttles enable families, weekend travellers, business travellers, backpackers and even impaired people to process conveniently from arrival to take-off. All kinds of authentication, as well as check-in and baggage handling are done within the air shuttles. Therefore baggage issues are greatly reduced, since it stays with the passenger as long as possible. The interplay of a central airport center together with decentralized skygates and short roads in between them round off the final solution.


While responding to efficiency and optimization issues through speed and decentralization, this developed concept brings to the passengers an autonomous, untroubled and tailored travel experience. The new concept was presented to a broad audience at the Paris Air Show (Salon International de l'AĆ©ronautique et de l'Espace, Paris-Le Bourget), which is a prestigious international trade fair for the aerospace business.

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