XS 310 Vineyard sprayer (2015/16)
Technological innovation for the viticultural industry
A new system to reduce and recycle pesticide drift and monitor usage – reducing health risks and financial costs for growers.


Identify a problem within the viticulture industry and develop a user-centered solution that assists in the growing of wine grapes, making the process more efficient, safe and enjoyable.

XS 310 Prototype
The Penultimate Prototype in all its beauty


Pesticide and Fungicide application is dangerous and uncomfortable for people in the grape growing industry and pesticide drift was uncontrolled causing health, environmental risks and economic risk for neighbouring farms.

A lightweight pesticide spraying system was developed that uses a new air curtain system to reduce the amount of pesticide drift by up to 30%. The accompanying software monitors output and collates data required by law for growers to provide when selling their crops.


The reduction in pesticide drift creates a safer and more comfortable working conditions for grape growers to work in, and protects the environment by preventing pesticides and fungicides from affecting neighbouring crops and waterways. It reduces costs through recycling waste pesticide. Carbon Monoxide or CO emissions from diesel fumes are reduced as the tractor does not need to make as many refueling trips.

The product is currently being taken further into the R+D cycle by Yanmar.

No duct tape was harmed while producing this prototype

Student Team

The team with the final version of their prototype
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