In this course, student teams work on innovation challenges proposed by corporate partners for nine months. Through the projects, students traverse an intense and iterative process of needfinding, ideation, and rapid prototyping to create and develop new design solutions. Company involvement provides the reality that is crucial for teams to improve their innovation abilities. In the end, teams deliver a bank of ideas, user insights and a detailed design solution that is communicated through proof-of-concept prototypes and in-depth documentation. Interested? Contact individual universities.
The student team dedicates nine months to solving a challenge that is important to your company. They will explore directions you have not considered and provide you with fresh ideas from the start.
Promising ideas will be prototyped and tested with real users throughout the project to iterate on the solution. As a corporate partner, you can test the prototypes and provide your feedback at all times.
The team creates a detailed documentation with all design decisions, their rationales and the feedback they received. You also get to see what did not work and can avoid these paths in the future.
As a corporate partner, you are invited to join the project kickoff, the final presentations, and all gatherings in between. Get to know other students and corporate partners to extend your professional network.
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