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Paris-Est at École des Ponts (EDP)

Champs sur Marne, France

Student background: Engineering, Design, Business
Member since: 2009

For one year full-time, two multidisciplinary teams of four students each, located at the Paris-Est and in a member institution of the international network headed by Stanford University, innovate on the basis of a serious, high-stakes innovation brief brought by an industrial partner. They will tackle real conditions and work with real users and discover how to have a genuine impact, notably using the tools of needfinding and prototyping.

Paris-Est offers you the opportunity to go beyond the drawing board and have a real impact on major societal, industrial and environmental challenges. Since 2009, achievements by our students have included reinventing eco-efficiency in buildings by working on user practices (GDF Suez), reinventing cinematographic shooting (Thales Angénieux) and reinventing cancer treatment by protontherapy (Amplitude Technologies). You could also find yourself even reinventing an industry, if you can come up with a proposal that is beneficial to users, technologically feasible and creates value for your partner in the sense of guaranteeing a genuine impact.

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