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In Finland, all mothers can receive a Maternity Package from KELA, the country’s social security department, for each child. In this package are many of the essential clothes and supplies needed during a baby’s first year. Tupa, meaning “great room” in Finnish, is the revolutionary new design for the Maternity Package and is made from UPM Grada Plywood. More multifunctional, stronger and more stylish than the cardboard model, Tupa builds on the advantages and cherished traditions of the original. While it still works as a bed, Tupa also adds the functionality of a rocking crib, table and chairs and even a toy box. What’s more is that the simple and sturdy shapes allow families to easily create their own personalized uses for the box. The natural beauty of Finnish birch looks great in the home, too.

Tupa in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBWyoKWVz0Q

How Tupa works:
In a little more detail, the key functions that Tupa provides are the following:
1. Maternity Box, all of the essentials:
With Tupa, young families get all they need to care for their newborns. Fitting all of the original Maternity Package materials, Tupa also adds dividers for additional product organization. Plus, as originally designed the box still acts as a first bed for the baby. While the beauty of UPM Grada Plywood will look great in the home, colored fabric accents can also be added if desired.
2. Rocking Crib, just add a lullaby:
Tupa’s top lid stacks safely and securely under its base section, creating the classic baby bed that has been available in the original Maternity Package which debuted in Finland in the 1930’s. The bed is well elevated off of the ground to ensure optimal sleeping conditions. When turned upside down, the curved design of the dividers enable the crib to move in a rocking motion, gently easing the baby to sleep.
3. Table & Chairs, step up or sit down:
When junior is old enough to sit or stand, the lid sections can be converted into child-sized chairs or stepping stools, while the base section doubles as a matching table. UPM Grada Plywood allows these sections to be both light and super strong. Rubber liners along the bottoms of the sections help prevent slips and slides.
4. Toy Box, house for play:
In later years, Tupa is perfect for storing toys — or just about anything else. Since UPM Grada Plywood is free from formaldehyde and other toxins, Tupa is safe to keep in the home for years on end. Plus, Tupa’s simple design allows for plenty of user customization — only a little imagination is needed to think of all the possibilities!
What Tupa delivers:
The original Maternity Package available through KELA already provided a second meaning of packaging in that the box could be used as a first bed, but Tupa goes well beyond this. By providing the functions of several essential baby products in one, Tupa saves young families the money of buying these products separately. The functions performed also evolve as the child grows, ensuring the continued usefulness of Tupa for years to come. The new design also saves space by having one dynamic product performing the functions of many. Though a small number of Maternity Packages are already sold to other countries, Tupa can uniquely serve young families in developing countries, disaster zones, or simply act as a thoughtful gift to parents-to-be from friends, family or coworkers. Overall, Tupa helps make the daunting move into parenthood a little easier.

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