Audi (2012/13)

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The understanding of mobility undergoes central changes and new mobility concepts are being produced. Beside this major change the community thinking is shifting as well due to new possibilities nowadays. Audi as a key player in the mobility industry wants to tackle two main topics: Mobility and Connectivity - both strategically relevant for Audi. By developing community services, a lock-in effect, which persuades a (potential) costumer, through the services itself, should occur.

The final solution is Flemo. Flemo is a car sharing solution that combines community, connectivity, and mobility topics altogether. Mobility, thanks to the shared cars, connectivity since the users have to be connected to each other and to the cars in order to get the information about which car is available and where. Finally, a community of different people is supposed to interact with each other in order to share their cars. The two most central needs the team was able to sort out of most of the divers prototypes were the needs of flexibility as well as the need of control. Hand in hand with the need of being in control of one’s belongings / one’s life comes the trust-issue. The team found out that the current car sharing solutions do not fit everyone’s needs. Single households, families, students (roomies), neighborhoods, as well as startups, SMEs and large companies have a common need: to be able to enjoy flexible mobility. However, for a fitting car sharing solution, different requirements come together with this common need: Does one want to bring the private car into the sharing system? How should the exchange be organized? Who is responsible for insurance, fuel or parking costs? How long and when can the cars be used / shared? With whom? Meet with renters to give them the key? How to organize the availability? People are comfortable - Car Sharing isn´t. FLEMO is a car sharing solution that is pretty different. It tackles the above-mentioned problems.

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