Together, student teams tackle corporate partners' real-world problems. This provides students with a great learning opportunity and corporate partners with fresh ideas. Corporate partners provide funding is used to bring teams together at three to four key points in the nine month project and enable the development of prototypes for experimentation and proof-of-concept.

Leading universities from all over the world are part of SUGAR Network. They enable students to form inter-cultural, multidisciplinary teams and work together on exciting design challenges provided by corporate partners. Established in 2008, the SUGAR Network is growing and is currently supported by the strong bond of 16 universities.

Projects in Sugar Network come from companies large and small, operating in various industries including consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, aeronautics, software, household products, transportation and government. Project topics, although they are all set in realistic environments, must be broad enough to provide enough room for students to innovate. Often project teams define or re-define the problem according to user needs and deliver unimagined insights and design solutions to the corporate partner.

Do you have a design challenge for the SUGAR Network?

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